Boundaries and obsession

This weekend, a man contacted me through a dating app. After I skimmed his profile, I was 99% sure I wasn’t interested, but I decided to continue the conversation just to see what happened. I do that sometimes, on the off chance someone pleasantly surprises me. So far they haven’t, but I’ve ended up withContinue reading “Boundaries and obsession”

The valley of the shadow of death

TW: This post talks about sexual abuse and suicide. In a typical month, I spend one to three days hating my life, caught in a bitter swirl of anxiety, feeling like there is no way forward and I am trapped and helpless. It’s premenstrual dysphoric disorder, PMS decked out with steroids, brass knuckles, and steel-toedContinue reading “The valley of the shadow of death”

Good Friday in lockdown

Yesterday, a friend again talked about how the right books find us at the right times. I’ve always felt guilty for buying books that I didn’t immediately read, but he doesn’t; he says they call to him when he needs them most or is most receptive to what they have to say. (And this isContinue reading “Good Friday in lockdown”

Adventures in social distancing

In trying to keep my distance from other people, I’m encountering a challenge I didn’t anticipate and haven’t figured out how to politely navigate: men in the South, more than anywhere else I’ve lived, are born and bred to hold doors for women. And in most cases, it’s impossible to maintain at least six feetContinue reading “Adventures in social distancing”

Love in the time of coronavirus

(with apologies to the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez for bastardizing the title of his fine novel, which, by the way, why not read while you’re practicing social distancing?) I know nothing more about COVID-19 than any other reasonably informed layperson, so I’m not going to reiterate information that’s already circulated widely (or jeopardize anyone’s healthContinue reading “Love in the time of coronavirus”

Facing uncertainty, wading into anxiety, practicing gratitude

My university announced today that face-to-face classes will not resume for at least two weeks after spring break. Over the past few days, I’d watched on social media as friend after friend posted that their institutions were transitioning to online instruction, so this move wasn’t unexpected. And while I dislike teaching online, I realize thatContinue reading “Facing uncertainty, wading into anxiety, practicing gratitude”