Easter reflections

Easter two years ago marked a very low point for me. I felt abandoned, lonely, and more isolated than I ever had (which is saying a lot, because even though I have been blessed with some incredible friends, I’ve also spent most of my life feeling like I don’t quite fit anywhere). The months beforeContinue reading “Easter reflections”

The gifts of pandemic season

I’m going to start this off by acknowledging that quarantine/isolation has been insanely hard on most of us, and I’m no Pollyanna. I have heard many painful stories from friends, and I’m living my own. In the midst of this, it’s often difficult to find anything good or hopeful. A year ago I heard StephenContinue reading “The gifts of pandemic season”

The post I didn’t want to write

These secrets I’ll bring to you/ Are of thorns and iceThese secrets I’ll give to you/ Will turn virtue to vice–Deathstars In my first post, I talked about a situation at my former church. Today there has been another development, and I’m reeling from rage to devastation. It started when this older man talked toContinue reading “The post I didn’t want to write”