Of snakes and signs

This morning I heard a Zoom talk by author Janisse Ray, whose Ecology of a Cracker Childhood is not only wonderful, but a particular a must-read for anyone visiting the Okefenokee Swamp (one of my favorite South Georgia places). I met her in person a few years ago and fan-girled so badly that when sheContinue reading “Of snakes and signs”

When success becomes a trap

Years ago, the indie bookstore where I worked hosted a reading/signing with an author whose career was on the upswing. This person had published a couple of innovative novels that had sold quite well, and he had just released another that followed a similar conceit. A friend and I managed to coordinate our break timesContinue reading “When success becomes a trap”

The gifts of pandemic season

I’m going to start this off by acknowledging that quarantine/isolation has been insanely hard on most of us, and I’m no Pollyanna. I have heard many painful stories from friends, and I’m living my own. In the midst of this, it’s often difficult to find anything good or hopeful. A year ago I heard StephenContinue reading “The gifts of pandemic season”

Facing uncertainty, wading into anxiety, practicing gratitude

My university announced today that face-to-face classes will not resume for at least two weeks after spring break. Over the past few days, I’d watched on social media as friend after friend posted that their institutions were transitioning to online instruction, so this move wasn’t unexpected. And while I dislike teaching online, I realize thatContinue reading “Facing uncertainty, wading into anxiety, practicing gratitude”