Easter reflections

Easter two years ago marked a very low point for me. I felt abandoned, lonely, and more isolated than I ever had (which is saying a lot, because even though I have been blessed with some incredible friends, I’ve also spent most of my life feeling like I don’t quite fit anywhere). The months beforeContinue reading “Easter reflections”


In the past two days, I have had two delightful conversations with women who both apologized for “bending my ear” or “talking too much.” The apologies were so unnecessary that I felt sad that the speakers even voiced them: I enjoyed both conversations very much and was grateful for these strangers, who took time outContinue reading “Connections”

Boundaries and obsession

This weekend, a man contacted me through a dating app. After I skimmed his profile, I was 99% sure I wasn’t interested, but I decided to continue the conversation just to see what happened. I do that sometimes, on the off chance someone pleasantly surprises me. So far they haven’t, but I’ve ended up withContinue reading “Boundaries and obsession”

Not-so-small gifts

I think the term “miracle” is overused, so I’m not going to call what’s unfolded since Friday a miracle. But I am going to acknowledge all of it, gratefully, as a series of gifts that I badly needed. For months now, since even before COVID-19, I’ve been feeling like I couldn’t stand any more hits,Continue reading “Not-so-small gifts”

Why I’m still single

(with a nod to Mandy Hale) My Buddhist friend says the right books find us at the right times, and that’s certainly held true for me in this season of my life. Books all but jump off shelves into my hands, and they’re exactly the ones I need at those moments. One such was MandyContinue reading “Why I’m still single”

Facing uncertainty, wading into anxiety, practicing gratitude

My university announced today that face-to-face classes will not resume for at least two weeks after spring break. Over the past few days, I’d watched on social media as friend after friend posted that their institutions were transitioning to online instruction, so this move wasn’t unexpected. And while I dislike teaching online, I realize thatContinue reading “Facing uncertainty, wading into anxiety, practicing gratitude”