The valley of the shadow of death

TW: This post talks about sexual abuse and suicide. In a typical month, I spend one to three days hating my life, caught in a bitter swirl of anxiety, feeling like there is no way forward and I am trapped and helpless. It’s premenstrual dysphoric disorder, PMS decked out with steroids, brass knuckles, and steel-toedContinue reading “The valley of the shadow of death”

Good Friday in lockdown

Yesterday, a friend again talked about how the right books find us at the right times. I’ve always felt guilty for buying books that I didn’t immediately read, but he doesn’t; he says they call to him when he needs them most or is most receptive to what they have to say. (And this isContinue reading “Good Friday in lockdown”

The middle of the story

I’m one of those people who skips ahead to the endings of books (or, in the case of movies, looks up the plot summary online) — especially if the survival of a character I care about, whether human or animal, is uncertain. I’m clearly not alone in this. I even taught myself lucid dreaming soContinue reading “The middle of the story”