Boundaries and obsession

This weekend, a man contacted me through a dating app. After I skimmed his profile, I was 99% sure I wasn’t interested, but I decided to continue the conversation just to see what happened. I do that sometimes, on the off chance someone pleasantly surprises me. So far they haven’t, but I’ve ended up withContinue reading “Boundaries and obsession”

On not being a mother

Last night I attended a virtual discussion between two women, both professors, about the creative body of work one of them had produced. Apparently her latest effort is concerned with female bodies, with the experiences of embodiment, so naturally the talk turned to motherhood. As a unique part of women’s embodiment. As a rite ofContinue reading “On not being a mother”

Why I’m still single

(with a nod to Mandy Hale) My Buddhist friend says the right books find us at the right times, and that’s certainly held true for me in this season of my life. Books all but jump off shelves into my hands, and they’re exactly the ones I need at those moments. One such was MandyContinue reading “Why I’m still single”