The gifts of pandemic season

I’m going to start this off by acknowledging that quarantine/isolation has been insanely hard on most of us, and I’m no Pollyanna. I have heard many painful stories from friends, and I’m living my own. In the midst of this, it’s often difficult to find anything good or hopeful. A year ago I heard StephenContinue reading “The gifts of pandemic season”

On Learning to Hope, Part 2

Read Part I. Hope is a lesson I’m struggling to learn lately. Specifically, there are promises that I think — that I desperately want to believe — are from God, but I’m terrified to hope they’re real. Because what if I let myself believe these promises truly are from God, and then they don’t comeContinue reading “On Learning to Hope, Part 2”

On Scars, Healing, and Love, Part 5

Read Part 4. One night in October, as I raged at God, into my head came the words, “When are you going to stop talking and start listening?” So I shut up. In the silence, I heard what I thought was God’s voice. And I’m still trying to hear it, still listening. I don’t alwaysContinue reading “On Scars, Healing, and Love, Part 5”

On Scars, Healing, and Love, Part 4

Read Part 3. One of the old questions I’ve had to confront is why I’m still alive. In college I became instant friends with this guy, the kind of friendship you form when you’re nineteen and don’t have boundaries and it’s the first time you’ve met someone who really, really gets all the things aboutContinue reading “On Scars, Healing, and Love, Part 4”

On Scars, Healing, and Love, Part I

Scars are nothing to be ashamed of. They are a testimony of God’s ability to heal deadly wounds. — Jentezen Franklin, Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt (p. 38) My birthday seems like an appropriate day to talk about scars — physical as well as invisible. Birthdays are fraught for me. The most unusual wasContinue reading “On Scars, Healing, and Love, Part I”

On Scars, Healing, and Love, Part 3

Read Part 2. Your pain…is the experience of not receiving what you most need. It is a place of emptiness where you feel sharply the absence of the love you most desire. To go back to that place is hard, because you are confronted there with your wounds as well as with your powerlessness toContinue reading “On Scars, Healing, and Love, Part 3”

On Scars, Healing, and Love, Part 2

Read Part I. Whether we call it a magnificent defeat or a crippling victory, when we bump up against the Mystery of mysteries, we receive a blessing but we also walk away with a limp. — Austin Fischer, Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed, p. 86 I think I needed to give in that final time,Continue reading “On Scars, Healing, and Love, Part 2”