Auntie Monique’s Halloween reading list

Today I’ve decided to take a break from the heavy stuff to talk about a fun topic, and one I love: horror novels! Yes, it’s off-brand for my blog, but I’m a person, not a brand, so there. Besides, although I’ve been exploring different directions lately, most of my published work has been in theContinue reading “Auntie Monique’s Halloween reading list”

Not-so-small gifts

I think the term “miracle” is overused, so I’m not going to call what’s unfolded since Friday a miracle. But I am going to acknowledge all of it, gratefully, as a series of gifts that I badly needed. For months now, since even before COVID-19, I’ve been feeling like I couldn’t stand any more hits,Continue reading “Not-so-small gifts”

When success becomes a trap

Years ago, the indie bookstore where I worked hosted a reading/signing with an author whose career was on the upswing. This person had published a couple of innovative novels that had sold quite well, and he had just released another that followed a similar conceit. A friend and I managed to coordinate our break timesContinue reading “When success becomes a trap”

On not being a mother

Last night I attended a virtual discussion between two women, both professors, about the creative body of work one of them had produced. Apparently her latest effort is concerned with female bodies, with the experiences of embodiment, so naturally the talk turned to motherhood. As a unique part of women’s embodiment. As a rite ofContinue reading “On not being a mother”